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How to know what (the remnant) right group looks like

How to know what (the remnant) right group looks like


Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 11:1-36

Speaker: jeff blaine

Since I am a part of the remnant and I believe that all things are from God, through God, and to God; what then does my life look like?
I believe if we are careful to look at the entire text of Romans 11 we can see how the beliefs of the remnant also dictate the behaviors of the remnant.
evaluating my behaviors as a Christian has a twofold function:
1-I get to see if I am in The Remnant.
2-I get to experience conviction regarding my behaviors to repent of or change my behaviors to glorify God.
There is a lot at stake here.
If we claim to be Christians, then it must be apparent.
To be a part of God's remnant, chosen by grace we must be real not fake.
We must be what people see or put another way people must see what we be
So, who are you today? Is it apparent who you are?
Do your behaviors truly match God's remnant chosen by grace?
Let's evaluate that together and change together as we are convicted to do so.
The behaviors of The Remnant