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7 Goals for Every Church

7 Goals for Every Church


Series: Colossians: Jesus First Place in Everything

Passage: Colossians 2:1-7

Speaker: jeff blaine

Paul’s goal must be our goal here in this church & every church.
Paul spells out 7 goals for the churches in Colossae & Laodicea
What would Paul want us to do with these 7 goals here in Sheridan?
Since Paul is inspired by the Holy Spirit to write God’s Word…what would the Holy Spirit want us to do with these 7 goals?
Agonize for these same goals in our church!
Each of us must purpose ourselves to publicly conflict, fight, make contention, compete, or race towards these 7 goals.
What are the 7 goals that every church (our church) must agonize to reach?
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