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How a PREPOSITION can free you from any prison

How a PREPOSITION can free you from any prison


Series: Colossians: Jesus First Place in Everything

Passage: Colossians 2:8-10

Speaker: jeff blaine

Have you ever had something capture your mind?
You know…a thought, an idea, a hope, a problem, an item, a way of doing things
Somewhere in your life you have let something capture your mind to such a degree that you all you could do, it would seem, is think about what it was…
Then comes the problem…when whatever captures your mind to that degree you start making decisions based on what has captured your mind.
Sometimes it’s traditions, sometimes it’s a principle, either way…you found yourself in a position that, again, whatever, it is…IT took your mind & your thoughts likely to places you didn’t want to go once you got there.
So how do I get free from this prison…how do I get free from this captivity that is an empty lie?
The preposition that will free any one from any prison.