Welcome to SCC!

Our desire is for you to feel at ease coming to SCC

What time does church start?

9 a.m. worship time
10:15 a.m. Corner Cafe (a time of food and visiting downstairs)
10:30 a.m. Bible Study time (small group study of the Bible…no one is required to read but all are encouraged to listen)

What door should I come in?

Most people find it easier to come in Door #2 which is on the parking lot side of the church

Where do I sit?

Try to arrive about 8:50 a.m. and you will have no problem sitting where you feel most comfortable

What should you wear?

Feel free to dress casual or more formally; (most SCC folks dress casual)

What is a worship like at SCC?

A typical Sunday will likely include:
4-5 Worship Songs (projected on a screen before the congregation)
Communion Time (every Sunday communion is passed while you stay seated)
Offering (offering plates are passed while you are seated)
Prayer Time ( a quiet time of personal prayer between you and God)
Sermon Time (your bulletin will have listening sheets, so you can be an active listener in the message)
Closing Prayer or Song
Corner Cafe ( a time of food and fellowship downstairs…just inside Door #2)
Bible Study Hour (various classes may be offered for the whole family-see church bulletin for details)