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How Jesus wants you to face your death

How Jesus wants you to face your death


Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 5:12-21

Speaker: jeff blaine

It is not a topic that comes up a lot in conversation.
In fact, this topic is taboo in most Conversations.
It's the reason we don't like silence; We turn on the radio, we call somebody on the phone, we blare the television, because we don't like to be left alone with our thoughts.
When we are left alone with our thoughts what do you think is the number one thing we think about.?
I'm not sure frankly but when we are left alone oftentimes our thoughts revolve around who? Ourselves.
It doesn't take long for a bit of self-contemplation to realize life is short and what does that mean?
Either subconsciously or consciously we realize that we are mortal people; we are going to die.
In the face of our own mortality, I believe it is easy to have anxieties about death, or even how we are going to die.
How are you planning to face your own death?
Death is like a journey in a car…we know the destination but keep looking in the rearview mirror of regret.
Many of us face the certainty of our death in the pain of regret.

How can I be on this journey of life towards my death without focusing on my rearview mirror of regret?