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How to be satisfied when your “rights” aren’t respected

How to be satisfied when your “rights” aren’t respected


Series: Gospel of John

Category: Everyday Living as a Christian

Passage: John 1:10-13

Speaker: jeff blaine

It is something that all of us have grown up with since our birth
I would go on to say that many of the problems we face in our world, our country, our states & local governments are due to how we have been educated as people.
I would even go so far as to say that all our domestic issues in our homes our due to this line of thought
We have divorces, family arguments, families fall apart, church families split…all of these I believe can be traced back to one issue. 
It is this issue of rights…now I realize that might be a jaw dropping idea to hear but hear me out…how many times have you felt your rights weren’t being honored?
What is your typical response when you believe your rights aren’t being respected?
Anger is typically a sign that we feel we are being denied our rights & because our rights are being denied we choose to become angry.
What would happen if you were satisfied to have no rights?