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How to know if you are in (The Remnant) right group?

How to know if you are in (The Remnant) right group?


Series: Romans

Category: Everyday Living as a Christian

Passage: Romans 11:36

Speaker: jeff blaine

Think of all the groups you belong to over the years?
Your grade school years? Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, brownies.
Your high school year? FFA, fcla, fbla, Honor Society, team sports.
Your college years? A fraternity or sorority,
Your older adult years? Masons, daughters of the American Revolution, quilt club, Lions Club, Optimist Club, Elk’s Lodge
Whatever the reason there is this drive or nature in us that is attracted to exclusivity, prestigiousness, notoriety, or simply affirmation through groups.
Think of the group here gathered today; how come?
There are multiple groups that meet across the world that consider themselves Christian…we call them denominations.
To date I’ve heard as few as 40k to over 58k denominations in the world.
How do you know if you are in the right Christian group?
What is your reason for wanting to be in a group that meets in a small rural church, in a small rural town, In a little-known state called Missouri?
There is a unique verse in Romans 11:5;
“at the present time there is a remnant”
What is a remnant?