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Obvious Signs you are NOT living by the SPIRIT

Obvious Signs you are NOT living by the SPIRIT


Series: Galatians: how to LIVE the LIFE God has called us to LIVE

Category: Everyday Living as a Christian

Passage: Galatians 5:17-21

Speaker: jeff blaine

Lists…I have not historically liked lists! Lists?!
They are not always fun to think about or keep but we do keep a short list most of the time to our condemnation
But can lists be ok? Can lists be a positive thing not a negative thing?
So, today if you can identify yourself on this list…I want to encourage
you: repent to Jesus…trust the Holy Spirit & repent to Jesus.
Here’s where the list becomes so valuable…if you’ve made the
list…you are not being led by the Spirit
Another aspect to this is; as we let our heart be led by the Spirit we
will naturally through His influence & leading avoid these items on the
list…not because we want to avoid the list but because we want to
love Jesus.