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What must happen when you follow JESUS

What must happen when you follow JESUS


Series: The Gospel of John

Category: Everyday Living as a Christian

Passage: John 1:35-51

Speaker: jeff blaine

it only makes sense that since Jesus is the Lamb of God to take away my sin i must follow Jesus.
Perhaps you’ve seen it in others or experienced it yourself…often our common sense stops at the knowledge of our forgiveness of sin through Jesus.
You ask people do you believe in Jesus? Yes!
You ask people have you been immersed into Christ? Yes!
But that’s where it stops…the common sense of their forgiveness has stopped.
For some folks after being immersed into Christ the common sense of what happens next is gone.
Common sense must dictate that since I followed Jesus to get my sins forgiven there must be real, Jesus-inspired change in my life to honor Jesus!