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Who is the Holy Spirit and Why do I need Him?

Who is the Holy Spirit and Why do I need Him?


Series: Galatians: how to LIVE the LIFE God has called us to LIVE

Passage: Galatians 5:15

Speaker: jeff blaine

There is someone in your life today…in fact, this person has known you before time began.
This person has been keenly listening to your heart to hear just the right moment to whisper His love for you in your heart.
This person has coached, convicted, & conveyed to your spirit your profound need for Him, Jesus, & the Heavenly Father in your life.
This person has patiently waited on you to acknowledge Him,
This person has been with you in every place you have gone & consequently, all of us have grieved Him by where we’ve been & what we’ve done.
In the same way, because of your relationship with Him you have caused Him to rejoice over where you’ve been & what you’ve done
For some of us, He has even given us much peace when based on our situation or circumstance it makes no sense to have peace
Some of you are profoundly aware of Him & others would have no idea if He left.
Any idea who this person is? He is the Holy Spirit…