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4 Things (that really) happen after an offering

4 Things (that really) happen after an offering


Series: Philippians

Category: Money

Passage: Philippians 4:14-20

Speaker: jeff blaine

We all have different reasons for giving what we call an offering, but I wonder…do we really know what is happens when we give an offering?
 In the physical realm this is what happens after an offering:
1-we pray before offering (for what reasons?)
2-we pass the offering plates
3-the offering plates are placed in the back
4-after church the offering is counted; the details of the offering are placed on an offering sheet
Number of checks, number of bills, 2 people sign off that they counted the offering
5-offering is taken to bank
 But as Christians we understand something about this world…there are 2 realms: the physical realm & the spiritual realm.
 what happens in the spiritual realm after an offering?