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Sermon 15 What's the BIG DEAL about a name?!

Sermon 15 What's the BIG DEAL about a name?!


Series: Genesis Sermon Series

Passage: Genesis 10:8-12

Speaker: jeff blaine

It’s likely you heard this name spoken first by Bugs Bunny against his arch nemesis Elmer Fudd…what did bugs call Elmer? Nimrod

Read Genesis 10:8-12

There you have it that is the origin of Nimrod; It does not mean idiot nor does it mean nincompoop.

Again, it's challenging to read about names in the Bible especially when it's hard to pronounce them but sometimes some names come up that have a sense of notoriety or distinction.

Nimrod is a name of distinction right smack dab in the middle of all these names…his name is given 4 verses

The book of genesis was written by Moses and Moses lived several thousand years ago and here we have nimrod's name being preserved for us to read.

How come? This is a great question when reading through list of names how come God wants me to read about these people?

How come God wanted their names preserved?

This week and next week we're going to see how Genesis 10 and 11 are connected to the same name; what is that name? Nimrod