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Sermon 17 what FAITH will have you face

Sermon 17 what FAITH will have you face


Series: Genesis Sermon Series

Category: Everyday Living as a Christian

Passage: Genesis 12:1-9

Speaker: jeff blaine

How do you do life without faith?
How do people cope with life without faith?
In our family we call it copium; it is a combination of two words: coping and opium.
Jeshua was the first to coin this phrase in our home and what it literally means is that for us to cope with life we turn to something or someone other than God.
Your copium could be work, money, alcohol, drugs, pornography, gossip, literally anything to help you get your mind off life.
The antithesis to coping with life is hoping for a better life.
Ultimately, hoping in God is the best way to get through life.
This hope in God is part of the equation we call faith