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Sermon 18 What happens when FEAR overcomes FAITH

Sermon 18 What happens when FEAR overcomes FAITH


Series: Genesis Sermon Series

Passage: Genesis 12:10-20

Speaker: jeff blaine

Part of renewing our mind from fear is understanding where fear will take you.
We had a chance last week to see Abraham respond to God in faith and move to a foreign land
We had a Birds Eye view of Abraham have faith
to move into the unknown
To face what seems impossible
To worship God in the unknown
now we get to see three things about Abraham they can be encouraging.
We get to see Abraham mess it up because Abraham becomes consumed by fear
fear isn't mentioned but his actions are obvious to what is driving his behavior.
As you read it on the page Abrahams demise quickly escalates because of fear
it is best for all of us to learn from the mistakes of others; Let's make it our goal today to learn from Abraham and how he succumbed to fear
much like faith is not about you when you succumb to fear somebody else will be affected and it will be someone you love.
Three things you will do when you have more fear than faith.