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Sermon 33 Romans 13:8-14 How God designed people to be governed

Sermon 33 Romans 13:8-14 How God designed people to be governed


Series: Romans

Category: Government & the Christian

Passage: Romans 13:8-14

Speaker: jeff blaine

It would seem many Christians value their American identity above their Christian identity.
Our lives revolve around who we vote for or what political party we most identify with instead of Jesus Christ and His cross that paid for our sin.
Adlai Stevenson said this:
more important than winning the election is governing the nation. That is the test of political party- the acid, final Test.
It is no mistake that Paul when writing Romans 13:1-7 about government that in Romans 13:8 goes right into the word love.
As we wrap up Romans 13; I believe it is apparent how God wants people to be governed for their good.
Remember Romans 13: 4?
God designed government to govern people for good; last week we discussed how we are to respond when a government no longer governs its people for good.
Back to our quote moments ago the priority is not what party wins the election the priority is how that party wants to govern the people.
It would not take long to realize that the current government in place does not want to govern the people for good
Just as obvious is the reality all governments throughout the world and in these United States have failed in governing people for good.
Herein lies the problem many Christians have concerning government: many Christians have the unrealistic expectation that government should be ideal for them.
Too many of us believe that government has been set up so that we can live our ideal life.
The only ideal government over our lives is when we are under the eternal government of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in Heaven.
So, then what is a Christian to do now? While on earth?
What is a Christian to do when they observe and see that the government they are under is no longer looking out for their good?
Last week we highlighted 1 Timothy 2 and how Paul encourages Christians to pray in four specific areas regarding their government.
Yet, God also designed us to have behaviors associated with our faith.
here is a list of three things that a Christian can do under any government be that government is for their good or not.