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What to do when you don't understand God Part 2 of 2

What to do when you don't understand God Part 2 of 2


Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 9:10-33

Speaker: jeff blaine

What do you do when God doesn’t make sense?
What do you do when God is hard to understand?
How are we to make sense of life when the God of life doesn’t make sense?
We just came out of Romans 8 which is arguably one of the best chapters in the Bible.
Roman seven Paul was teaching us how he was wanting to be rescued from his body in Jesus Christ was the one to do so.
Romans 8 Paul takes us on an inspirational journey with a mountain top view of how to live everyday life looking forward to the resurrection and never being separated from the love of God through eternity.
Then comes Romans 9.
Look how Paul starts Romans 9: 1
I believe Paul is modeling and emotional context that is biblically grounded in spiritual truths.
If there is ever a time to display sorrow & grief Romans 9 is such a time
Paul has the appropriate response to life when he shares with us the anguish and grief in his heart.
Many times, as people when we don't understand other people or don't understand God we respond in an unbiblical fashion.
Most people become angry with God, disenchanted with God, and flat out reject God.
All these reactions that I just mentioned, left unchecked will prove to be your undoing and have devastating eternal consequences.